The Koralian Company

The Koralian Company, also known as the Island Contingent, are a private for-hire mercenary outfit that operates off the island of Agonia, witin the Koralian Sea. In the grand scheme of Agonian politics, we consider ourselves totally neutral. That means we are independent from and open to do business with any member of Agonia’s three factions. It matters not to us who you do or do not hold allegiance with, as long as you are willing to pay and honor business contracts.

Services provided at present include:

Other services not listed may also be considered.

All rates are discussed and agreed upon in private. Parties interested in contracting a mercenary should inform The Koralian Company’s leader, Dutch, to discuss details.

All contracts, once agreed upon, are considered final, and members are obligated to follow through with any agreement made to the best of their abilities. Contracts made are considered confidential and client information may not be shared outside the company for any reason. No contract that would require breaching a current or past agreement, violating client confidentiality, putting The Koralian Company’s members against one another, or compromising The Koralian Company’s interests may be considered. Our company and its members may deny to take any contract for any reason or none at all.

(Currently accepting new members upon review)